Founded in 2010 by Hannah Baise, Hirschell is a High fashion jewelry and accessories brand.  Hirschell brings forward a holistic view of jewelry mixing a vast array of inspirations from Arts Deco to optical and kinetic arts to retro futurism. 

The idea came from bright jewels made out of printed circuitry picturing an intricate city of lights. The designer’s background of architecture brought her to think about buildings and mirroring surfaces, prompting her to focus on urban energies and fast paced circulation. The circuitry dissapears, letting in the design instead. All that is left is pixels and mirrors.

The pixel, foundation of the modern electronic language, hence becomes Hirschell’s signature. They come together and play together in frescoes and volumes, creating optical illusions and perpetual movement. Each piece is a variation in the infinite universe of possiblities created by symetry, movement, combinations and facets. Light, texture and prints overflow, parkle and sing.

Hirschell chose the cuff as the embodiment of this game. The large format, free from any traditional size contraint, aims at creating a signature piece. Hirschell likes to make a statement. 

The pixel cuffs are the iconic pieces of the Hirschell High jewelry universe. On top of the seasonal collections, the Atemporelles cuffs remain a permanent feature.

Hirschell was founded on a global vision of arts and communication. On 2014, its website started hosting a new générative art project to bring a new life to pixels through collaborations. Generative art uses computer language and algorythms to create moving designs. The Hirschell module pictures an unfolded cuff where pixels come in random patterns. This ever-changing space opens a new dimension for Hirschell’s sparkling pixels to rearrange and always evolve into something new.